Augmented Reality Plugin for SketchUp

AUGmentectur’s AR plugin for SketchUp allows architects and designers to visualize their designs in a more immersive and interactive way, making the design process more efficient and effective.

SketchUp is a program used for a wide range of 3D modeling projects like architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and video game design, to name a few of its uses. The program includes drawing layout functionality, surface rendering, and supports third-party plugins from the Extension Warehouse.

This AR Plugin for SketchUp is a game-changer for the architectural and design industry. With the AUGmentecture AR plugin for SketchUp, architects and designers can bring their SketchUp models to life, and enhance collaboration and communication among team members.

Easily export your model to the AUG dashboard, scan the QR code and view your project on your phone, collaborate with your team, walkthrough your projects, and moreover, have the 3D models on your phone, which makes it easily accessible for the team.


Easily accessible

There is no equipment needed to view the model, except your own mobile device.


Easy to use

With the help of the AUGmentecture plugin, you can seamlessly and securely upload your 3D models directly from Sketchup to your AUG account to view them later on your mobile device.


Better collaboration

You can easily get the AR version of your model on your phone and share it with your colleagues and clients.


Interactive experience with the space

AUGmentecture allows you to see more than just a 3D or 2D draft of your drawing. It allows you to see it in the future environment, as well as have walkthroughs in the 3D model of your project.

Download our AR plugin for SketchUp now and start experiencing the benefits of AR in your design process.