Augmented Reality for Construction

Leverage the full potential of AR to avoid costly construction mistakes, finalize the work faster with solid guidelines, boost collaboration with other relevant stakeholders, and provide clear imagery for your construction team members.

Utilize AR technology to oversight and manage complex construction projects across various stages from planning to execution. Visualize 3D construction models in AR format to simplify displaying project details. Moreover, check whether the requirements have been met on the ground according to the schemes.

Augmented reality has manifold advantages in the construction industry, from small-sized projects to large-scale ones.

  • Time Commitment and Cost-Efficiency

  • Visualize 3D CAD Models in AR

  • Improved Stakeholders Communication

  • Comply With Safety Standards

Time Commitment and Cost-Efficiency

Augmented reality makes it easier to track the progress during the execution phase of the project’s lifecycle; therefore, adjustments can be made according to the project requirements and available logistics.

Construction team leaders can anticipate the outcomes and identify potential mistakes at the earliest. It pays off in terms of increased productivity while managing workers to carry on their assigned tasks on time, saving the project both time and money.

Visualize 3D CAD Models in AR

Clarify construction schemes before the execution starts, save costs, suggest edits, and correspond to reality conditions efficiently and quickly. Using AR technology, construction specialists can visualize 3D CAD models in the project’s real environment. The added value resides in integrating what’s been designed with how it would look when implemented.

Improved Stakeholders Communication

Construction is a collaborative industry that’s usually accompanied by communication difficulties. AR technology eliminates the gap between various stakeholders who don’t speak a common language in terms of the profession; therefore, a visualized format is the best method to express thoughts and organize fruitful conversations.

Comply With Safety Standards

Construction sites are considered hazardous to employees. The dynamic interplay of individuals, machinery, and the environment, might pose major risks. Every worker must receive training before operating heavy machinery on construction sites for their safety.

Before construction, a thorough risk assessment may improve project safety, and AR can accurately overlay risk information in the real environment using a smartphone or tablet. Such an approach de-risks sophisticated construction procedures and ensures workers are familiar with all project aspects. Moreover, you boost workers' capacity to navigate the job site safely and avoid dangers by providing them with a clear image of the risks to avoid in their surroundings.

Integrating workplace training modules into AR helps construction team leaders understand the nature of the work and its hazards, quickly arming them with continuous expertise. For example, it can help demonstrate hidden utility networks to construction workers, such as water, gas pipelines, electricity wires, and others.

Thanks to AUGmentecture, concepts and ideas may be communicated more creatively and innovatively in the construction industry.