Augmented Reality for Architecture

Utilize the association of reality and visualization to transform your architectural visions into an enhanced real-time digital experience. Combine CAD elements with the target environment to simulate your work in augmented reality. Avoid inaccurate projections and diagram misunderstandings by offering clients a clear demonstration of their projects.

Augmented reality is a game-changer for architects due to its many advantages:

  • On-Point Project Presentation

  • Time-Saving & Cost-Effective

  • Facilitating Architect-Client Communication

  • Fostering Collaboration

On-Point Project Presentation

Previously when clients wanted to see what the architectural work would look like, architects could only explain their visions through sketches or computer 3D models. Unfortunately, that was not enough.

AR technology figured this out and aided architects in providing the clients with the most accurate representation of future buildings by merging 3D models with real-life locations. Also, AR technology grants a walkthrough of the whole project from planning to execution, displaying all the details and precise measurements of the buildings in real life.

Time-Saving & Cost-Effective

AR can help architects finalize projects in a shorter time with precise planning and resource management. The accurate AR view of the buildings enables architects to avoid problems that would not yet be recognized at the early stages of the project. Since model modifications with the help of AR technology are more accessible than ever, labor won’t be misdirected, and resources won’t be wasted. It can also speed up construction processes due to the quick and easy access stakeholders can have to the digital models. All these factors develop work competency resulting in a flexible and feasible workflow.

Facilitating Architect-Client Communication

The architect has to convey how the building will turn precisely, and the final designs should meet the client’s expectations. AR overlays digital elements into the physical world, clearly visualizing what buildings would look like in their actual construction sites. It facilitates architect-client communication where architects can demonstrate their vision on point; moreover, AR allows clients to accurately convey their requirements to architects to get the desired outcome.

Fostering Collaboration

AR technology brings stakeholders together in a single environment, enabling real-time collaboration among decision-makers, architects, and construction team leaders. Communicating feedback and discussing ideas are more effective than ever due to the use of AR models. Everyone will be on the same wavelength and quickly get the message across. On-site construction workers might report sightings or problems; simultaneously, architects can act accordingly to provide suitable edits to project schemes and integrate them in real-time with AR models. If the need arises for a stakeholder to step in and make a decision, it won’t be a problem since the AR visualization updates are instant and accessible.

Thanks to AUGmentecture and its powerful AR technology, architects can translate their visions into reality.