Augmented Reality for Interior Design

Dealing with interior design has never been easy for clients and designers. It can be daunting work for both; getting the designer’s vision across to customers when it is not physically demonstrated makes it difficult for them to sell their ideas. Regarding customers, most often, they get disappointed when the final results do not match their expectations.

Visualizing the furniture, colors, and floor map and providing a personalized experience to clients is possible with the help of augmented reality! AR lets people use 3D furniture models in an actual environment to grasp what the site will look like in reality when the work is done.

Augmented reality is your ticket to a trouble-free designer-client relationship that would save you from the typical client complaint of, “this is not what I had in mind.” It also offers plenty of benefits:

  • Lifelike Visualization

  • Shop Furniture on the Go

  • Improving Customer Retention

  • Get Ahead of the Game

  • Good joint effort

Lifelike Visualization

Using AR in design helps designers generate mesmerizing experiences for customers to see what their room, house, or office will look like in real life by placing 3D furnishing models in a real-time environment.

Shop Furniture on the Go

People prefer purchasing electric appliances, furniture, wall coverings, and all sorts of décor accessories by themselves since they can see how they look in reality. An engaging AR model provides a similar experience for the clients who want to purchase online or in stores by visualizing what different items would look like when put in place. It boosts the process and makes it a pleasant experience.

Improving Customer Retention

As mentioned before, AR allows designers to visualize and make necessary changes quickly, which leads to satisfied customers who do not doubt the final work since they had the opportunity to check it carefully. Moreover, since the designs are personalized, attractive, and appealing to clients, the retention rate will increase correspondingly.

Get Ahead of the Game

AR technology can empower the position of any interior design company in the market, arming it with a competitive advantage that its competitors lack, setting it apart from them and making it one of the industry leaders.

Good Joint Effort

Adapting AR technology eases the collaboration process between all parties, reducing the time needed to coordinate the project and enabling clients to thoroughly understand the designs. Interior designers and clients will have fruitful discussions about the expectations resulting in better overall communication.

Thanks to AUGmentecture, things unimaginable or too good to be true are now within reach. In terms of interior design, AR influences the user experience in the best way possible and makes the design process more innovative and creative.