Our goal is to make augmented reality a day to day design communication tool for architects & designers.

AUGmentecture combines the two worlds of architecture related software and the science of augmented reality.

Currently design communication and collaborating with end users are time consuming and expensive. Sharing ideas with clients is not efficient and Interactive design intent with contractors is limited. Transferring design model to augmented reality format is complicated & time consuming.

To view an augmented reality image one needs to develop the model, transfer the object into the augmented software, print the standard marker, and view the model by pointing the camera to the marker. This can also be done on stationary computer stations. The marker in most cases is standard and not unique to the model. So you may be able to view multiple models by the same marker. The purpose of AUGmentecture is giving the ability to the end user to view any document in 3d by creating a unique marker in each individual document.

AUGmentecture streamlines the entire augmented reality setup, and simplifies the printing, and processing of the models. Think of it as printing a PDF, but it would be in the augmented reality format.

AUGmentecture: simply design, upload & view